Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 9 Month Birthday To Drake

Drake’s 9 months old
What he weighs: probably around 16 pounds (well baby check isn’t until this Friday)

What he’s  eating/drinking: He isn’t eating purees anymore and were on to big kid food.  He eats anything you put in his mouth.  But he LOVES peaches, cheerios, and pasta.  He HATES bananas and green beans.  Chicken and bread tend to make their way to the roof of his mouth and they’re stuck there until we help him get it off (gross).  He still gets anywhere between 20 and 30 oz of formula a day.  We are slowly but surely working on the sippy cup.  We have bought and tried so many different types and I think we’ve found the toss n’ throws to be our winner.  This mommy is doing away with bottles at 1 year!  Milk will not go in a bottle.  He’s doing pretty well, he really likes juice but he only gets it once a day and its extremely watered down. 

What he’s doing: He wants to walk/crawl so bad but neither has happened yet.  He does army crawl, scoot, or roll himself to where ever he’d like to be.  Playing by his self has become more frequent. Aaron and I can actually manage to get a little house work done while he’s awake and not napping.  His favorite toy TODAY is his toucan music toy, his stack rings, mollie the monkey, and the cheapest rattle/teether we have.  I finally broke down and got a walker.  I was completely against them since I learned that Canada outlawed them (they must have done it for a reason right?)  But Drake seems to like it (once in a while) even though he can only go backwards. 

How’s he sleeping: He still takes at least 2 naps a day.  Daycare days vary from home days but that is to be expected.  He is fighting his sleep more and more these days.  But thankfully he’s still our good little routine baby.  Nap between breakfast and lunch and another nap after lunch.  Is he sleeping through the night?  Most nights, no.  But that’s ok… he does eat when he’s awake and he’s not waking up just to wake up. He no longer goes to bed at 7:30ish.  We’re now looking at like 9ish. 

Watching our baby Drake grow up is amazing but it makes me so sad to know that in just 3 short months he will no longer be a ‘baby,’ he’ll be a 1 year old little boy. 

(pictures to come later - the uploader is not working)