Aaron and Megan

(AKA: Rut, Rutman, Maverick, Boyfriend, Aaron Ellen, BC53)
28 years old. loves his job. extremely laid back. great daddy. served in the marine corps. working on his criminal justice degree. owner of a harley davidson rocker c. copenhagen and budweiser addict.    

(AKA: Mini, Meggie, Haddy, Rut Rut)
full time working mommy. very organized in an unorganized way.  all of my clothes are either too big or too small. i have gone to 9 schools (k-college). my son has wayy to many clothes. i'd rather buy things for other people than myself. married the most amazing man. jason aldean obsessed.

Aaron and I met in 2007 while working at the jail.  It may not be the most romantic story but it's definatly not one you hear everyday.  Aaron proposed in September 2008 and we were married 5 months later. And September 2010, we had our little boy.