Everyone always says that 'kids grow up too fast.'  I didn't realize how right everyone was until I had my own.  Time is flying by and he is growing so fast.  

You can watch Drake grow too!
On the 'Drake' page you will find a continuously growing list of milestones, events, and pictures.     

9-16-2010     Happy BIRTHday Drake!  Our precious baby boy was born, weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. 

9-17-2010     Drake had his 1st poopy diaper.  We had lots of visiors there to root daddy on while he changed their (Aaron had never changed a diaper) 1st poopy diaper.

9-21-2010     1st well baby checkup.  We chose to use the pediatrion that Drake saw while we were in the hopsital, and we LOVE him.  *Mommy & Daddy FAIL=we forgot to bring diapers.  I had the diaper bag packed before we went to the hospital to have him but I was waiting to see how big he was going to be before I put diapers in the bag... and well I forgot.  So after we weighed him the nurse had to give us a diaper then had there.  And it was HUGE.*

10-18-2010   We're still in newborn clothes for the 1st part BUT his 1st 0-3 outfit fits today

10-19-2010    1 month well baby checkup.  He weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 21 inches long.

10-31-2010     1st Halloween!  He was a hotdog.  And a pretty cute one at that.  Daddy & I took him trunk or treating at Lollipop during the day and then trick or treating with his cousins at dark.

11-4-2010     Rolled from belly to back.  It was on mommy & daddy's bed and I think the only reason he rolled over was because he was SUPER mad about tummy time.

11-17-2010   2 month well baby checkup and the dreaded 2 month vacinations.  He had to get 4 total.  1 was an oral medication that he drank and then he got 2 in one leg 1 in the other.  Daddy and I both went to the appointment, but I had to leave before the shots.  Daddy said he cried for a little bit but once he was dressed and given a bottle he was good to go.

11-23-2010     1st day of daycare.  Daycare wasnt we had originally planned for Drake but it is definatly what was best for us (AKA: ME - I had a very hard time leaving him before daycare).

11-25-2010     1st Thanksgiving.  We had 2 Thanksgivings.  1 at Grandma and Papa's house and 1 at Uncle Dusty and Aunt Jessica's house.

DECEMBER: offically outgrew all newborn clothes.

12-15-2010     1st DR appointment because he was sick.  He had a cold and an ear infection.  He weighed 10 lbs 11oz.

12-17-2010 & 12-18-2010     1st 3 Christmas parties.  For the daycare party his daddy took him and he exchanged gifts with Reese.  He got her a baby doll and she got him teethers.  Christmas at Grandma & Papas was the same day as the daycare party but later that night and Christmas at Gene & Betty's was the next night.  

12-22-2010     1st road trip to Tulsa, 1st airplane ride, 1st taste of vanilla ice cream, 1st time to see snow, and 1st time to meet Uncle CJ.  We left for Idaho on the 22nd.  I was really stressing about the car ride to Tulsa and the airplane.  We had a layover in Vegas and ended up getting delayed and then once we got into Boise and on the road to Emmett, Drake got SUPER fussy.  He was really tired from traveling and didnt want ANYTHING we had to comfort him.  
In the car on the way to Tulsa
In Vegas

12-24-2010  1st Christmas Eve party w/ the Hadley's.  He met SO many people and everyone wanted to hold him.  He finally got to wear the outfit I had been LOVING for months!  For the gift exchange he  made Little Tommy silly putty.  And Erin got him a puppy stuffed animal.  He did surprisingly well with all of the people, the heat, the noise, and the time (he's a very night time schedule/routine baby).

12-25-2010      1st Christmas.  We woke up semi early to open presents w/ Uncle CJ, Alex, & Jaydon before we started opening presents with Uncle CJ, Grammie, & Grandpa.  We all got SO much stuff.  Drake's favorite toy that he got was from Grammie and Grandpa and it was his fisher-price seahorse. 

12-29-2010      1st time to sleep in crib.  It only lasted about an hour :)

JANUARY:  outgrew all 0-3 jammies

1-3-1011     Laughed for the 1st time.  We were on the way home from walmart and he started to get fussy.  I started making noises and faces in order to occupy him for the couple of minutes it took us to get home.  For some reason the "BAUH" sound made him giggle like crazy.  I would do it over and over and he would laugh just as hard each time.  We recorded it on our phones, called grammie to hear it, sent audio to Aunt Jessica, and video taped it.  This was a pretty exciting night.

1-17-2011     4 month well baby checkup and 2nd round of vacinations.  I stayed through the appointment again but when it came time for shots I was outta there.  I stayed in the building this time and just came in after the nurse left.  Even standing outside hearing him cry was heartbreaking.  I cried and I didnt even get shots. 

1-19-2011      1st time eating solid foods.  The first food we tried was carrots.  And I made them!  It did take a couple of tries but I've got it down now.  Carrotts were a hit. 

1-29-2011      1st sleepover at our house.  Peyton came to stay the night.  She didnt exactly sleep over but she did spend all afternoon and evening with us.  She and Aaron made brownies and baby food.