Thursday, August 18, 2011

A quick trip to the park.

We took Drake to the park for the 1st time yesterday. Everything was too hot for him to climb on but he LOVED the swings. Here's a quick picture!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Drakes birthday party invitations came in the mail yesterday and I cannot wait to send them out in a few weeks!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adventures in self feeding

Tonight we decide to give self feeding a go. Drake is coming up on a year old soon, too soon if you ask me. I'm hoping by 1 year old he'll be somewhat self feeding. Wish us luck because by the looks of tonight, we're going to need ALOT of practice.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 months old

I'm a little over a week late but better late than never right?

My baby turned 10 months old on July 16!

Weight: 17.2 pounds
Height: 27 inches
Wearing: mostly 3-6 months with a few 6-12 month stuff. We're officially out of 0-3 clothes and maybe out of 3-6 shortly.
Eating: ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! He's not a fan of bananas, smashed green beans, or peaches. We still haven't tried milk, nuts, peanut butter, or honey.
Doing: crawling EVERYWHERE and getting into ANYTHING you he can reach.
Funny things that he does: when he crawls he takes about 3-4 crawls and then stops for a break, sits on the floor and spins in circles, stands at couch rests head on couch and dangles hands.

We spent Drakes 10 month birthday at Lowes getting the materials for his birthday present. But sshhh don't tell him.

The big birthday party is coming up quickly! I have almost everything ready and invitations go out in a few weeks,

Friday, July 15, 2011

We're now a family of 4.

We got a puppy!! Most of you that know me, know that I'm not a dog person. Heck I'm not an any type of animal person. BUT I think Drake is going to love him.

His name is Bentley and he's full of energy. Drake was asleep when Aaron brought him home last night so here are a few pictures of the puppy and Aaron last night and then Drake and the puppy this morning.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pedestals giveaway

Pedestals is having a $85 credit giveaway and it's features on kara's party ideas blog and fb! You can enter 3 different times. Follow them on fb or follow their blog.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I see a hole out there

I see a hole out there. A H-O-L-E hole out there. So put the ball out there.

Just wanted to post a couple pictures from out weekend at the softball fields.

I should also mention that both Micayla and Baileys teams took 1st in the tournament and Bailey got MVP.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our long and busy 2 weeks

I'm so glad that I can now post from my phone! Hopefully I am able to keep up on my blogging now.

Last week started a LONG and busy 2 weeks for us an thankfully today is the end of that 2 weeks. Getting ready for any trip with a baby is difficult. A trip with just me and the baby was even more difficult but I got us all packed and ready to go before Aaron left.

Aaron went on a team bonding exercise to Oklahoma last Thursday. The guys had a blast, they floated the river and did 'guy things.' While daddy was away for the night, we took the opportunity to have a sleep over with Bailey and Peyton. Drake loves them and they help me so much.

Friday was a blur, we started the day off early and with pancakes! We had to wait for Aaron to get home before we packed everything up in the car and headed out. The trip to Tulsa went extremely well (considering Drake HATES the car). Security was a breeze compared to what I had imagined it to be. People were helpful and we didn't set the metal detector off :) Drake did amazingly well on both flights and the 3 hour layover. Again, not how I imagined it would go. Mom, dad, CJ, and Alex all loved seeing Drake! And I love that he got to see them.

Saturday morning were up and out of the house by 9am. We had ALOT to do and I think we got it all done. First on our list was Roe Ann's but it was closed. So, the zoo became first on our list. The Boise zoo was a slight disappointment. There were no elephants and the giraffes were in their barn. Drake did like feeding the goats. He laughed when they would like his hand. The heat from Arkansas must have followed us to Idaho thought because Saturday was the hottest day they'd seen this year. After the zoo we headed to lunch and to do some shopping. I try to hit the stores that we don't have in Arkansas and some of my favorite stores just to see what items are different. Drake tried a whole lot of new stuff at lunch that day. What would be a trip to Joes Crab Shack without crab? He tried both crab and two types of shrimp. Both of which he liked!

Sunday was more relaxing. We did have to run to walmart but, other than that we lounged around and then took pictures of Drake and Lola. That evening we had family over for Mexican dinner. I love being able to see my family and hate that we live so far away.

Monday. HAPPY 4th OF JULY and its time to go home day!Drake and I liked Idaho and our mini vacation but we were ready to go home. The flights went well and we ended up at home about 1am.

Tuesday, was the naturals game. It was hot! We Didn't stay for the whole game because it was hot and past Drakes bedtime. Aaron and Drake took pictures with Strike and got a first ball game certificate.

If you're still reading this I applause you. And thank you for keeping up with our tiny family.

*disclaimer* All of the pictures are iPhone pictures so they aren't the best. AND I can't figure out how to upload them where I want them

Fruit loops or Pops?

Drake and Lola in their cereal :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 9 Month Birthday To Drake

Drake’s 9 months old
What he weighs: probably around 16 pounds (well baby check isn’t until this Friday)

What he’s  eating/drinking: He isn’t eating purees anymore and were on to big kid food.  He eats anything you put in his mouth.  But he LOVES peaches, cheerios, and pasta.  He HATES bananas and green beans.  Chicken and bread tend to make their way to the roof of his mouth and they’re stuck there until we help him get it off (gross).  He still gets anywhere between 20 and 30 oz of formula a day.  We are slowly but surely working on the sippy cup.  We have bought and tried so many different types and I think we’ve found the toss n’ throws to be our winner.  This mommy is doing away with bottles at 1 year!  Milk will not go in a bottle.  He’s doing pretty well, he really likes juice but he only gets it once a day and its extremely watered down. 

What he’s doing: He wants to walk/crawl so bad but neither has happened yet.  He does army crawl, scoot, or roll himself to where ever he’d like to be.  Playing by his self has become more frequent. Aaron and I can actually manage to get a little house work done while he’s awake and not napping.  His favorite toy TODAY is his toucan music toy, his stack rings, mollie the monkey, and the cheapest rattle/teether we have.  I finally broke down and got a walker.  I was completely against them since I learned that Canada outlawed them (they must have done it for a reason right?)  But Drake seems to like it (once in a while) even though he can only go backwards. 

How’s he sleeping: He still takes at least 2 naps a day.  Daycare days vary from home days but that is to be expected.  He is fighting his sleep more and more these days.  But thankfully he’s still our good little routine baby.  Nap between breakfast and lunch and another nap after lunch.  Is he sleeping through the night?  Most nights, no.  But that’s ok… he does eat when he’s awake and he’s not waking up just to wake up. He no longer goes to bed at 7:30ish.  We’re now looking at like 9ish. 

Watching our baby Drake grow up is amazing but it makes me so sad to know that in just 3 short months he will no longer be a ‘baby,’ he’ll be a 1 year old little boy. 

(pictures to come later - the uploader is not working)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memoral Day Morning, spent in the ER

Aaron, Drake, & I spent part of our morning in the ER

Saturday morning during our yard sale Drake started getting little red bumps all over his legs, I thought it was a heat rash.  As the day went on, they got more red and started spreading throughout his body.  By Sunday his poor little hand looked all splotchy.

This morning when Drake and I got up we played in bed fora little while before we went out to the living room where I finally noticed that his hand went from splotchy to HORRIBLE.  The little dots were all over his poor little body.  So... I got us both dressed real quick and made our way to NWMC.  The ER staff was really quick and got us in, in about 5 minutes.  The male nurse that did vitals was great with Drake.  He didn't cry at all AND he's up to 15 pounds 11 ounces now. 

We were put in room 9 and waited for Aaron to get there (he was working) and for the Dr to come check out tiny baby out.  Drake was in absolutely no distress.  My goofy son was squealing the whole time.  Dr. Akin was the ER doctor and was very nice.  He checked Drake's spots out and then checked his eye and ears.  Everything looked great other than the spots.  He wasn't very worried and said that it looked like a very bad eczema flare up.  We'll follow up with our pediatrician later this week. 

Other than our quick ER trip, our long weekend was great.  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

My 1st Mothers Day

 Sometimes it's still hard to beleive that I have a baby that calls me mommy (well he will one day).  Aaron and Drake started my morning off w/ cards and the most perfect amazingly perfect mothers ring. 
The picture picture was taken at work with my iphone so it definatly does not do it justice but I needed to show it off anyway

David Adams in Fayetteville is wonderful!  And they have the best mothers rings I have ever seen.  They have the child's name hand stamped on the band and they're stackable for when if we have more children.  Aaron and Drake weren't the only ones thinking about me on my 1st mothers day!  Mom and Dad sent me flowers and John and Susan sent me a card!

Other things to catch up on...
**I have misplaced my camera charger and it's killing me!  I haven't been able to take pictures because my camera is DEAD :(.  I threw around the idea of just buying a new camera (mine has a huge crack down the screen anyway) but I LOVE my camera so I opted to just buy a new charger.  And thankfully it will be Wednesday.  I'm sure that I will be in picture overload once the camera is charged.  I've already missed 2 weeks of Drakers that I wont get back. 
**Drake wants to crawl so bad but just cant get up the courage to get on all fours yet.  We worked on it alot yesterday afternoon and I have a feeling we're going to have a mobile baby very soon.    
Here he is trying to get the balloon that came with my flowers

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy BUNNY Day

Happy 1st Easter to Drake

As most of you know... I go all out (for the most part) for holidays even though Drake could care less and has absolutely no idea what s going on.  I searched and searched for an Easter basket that I liked and that wasn't going to cost me my Aaron's left arm.  After 2 FAILED online purchases I finally found a lady (thanks to out of Georgia.  I ordered his basket and within the same week it was delivered.  I love it and he'll be able to use it for several years before we'll have to upgrade to a larger basket.  When we were in Branson for our 'mini family vacation' in February (I think) Aaron and I found Drake's Easter outfit.  It was super cute but of course he spit up on it not an hour after getting to Mark and Faith's.  I had the details of the night before (dying Easter eggs, letter to the bunny, carrots, etc) and the day of planned out to a T.   

Saturday night after dinner we stripped Drake down to his diaper and colored eggs.  Of course it was for us and the picture more than fun for Drake.  Aaron and Drake wrote on eggs with the magic crayon while I set everything up (and snapped picture).  We couldn't decide the most efficient clean way to let Drake dye his eggs.  We only had 6 but we knew that it wasn't going to be easy or clean.  We finally decided the bumbo with tray was the best way to go.  We let Drake help us put the eggs in the glass of dye on his tray.  He was not  happy camper when we tried taking the egg and glass away.  After all of the eggs were dyed and Drake was slightly blue and yellow, he and I sat down and wrote his letter to the Easter bunny.

The Easter bunny was very good to Drake.  He got an outfit, books, plastic eggs, and a toy.  Mommy and daddy got him a new sippy cup, a big yellow ball, and a choo choo train.  Along with his Easter goodies was a card from the Easter bunny.  BUT it wasn't just a normal card.  It was written backwards so we had to read it in the mirror to see what it said.   
Easter Dinner at Mark and Faith's was delicious.  Drake had his first piece of ham and green bean casserole.  My stuffed tomato appetizer and pineapple nastiness dessert was a hit!  With all of the lovely rain that we've been getting, the egg hunt outside was not happening.  After everyone left but Uncle Dusty, Aunt Jessica, the girls, Drake, and I we had our own egg hunt in the house.  The kids hid in the laundry room while I hid the eggs.  They found them in about 2.4 seconds and the hunt had turned into a game of hot/cold. 

We had a wonderful Easter and I hope that everyone else did too.  The only thing that would could have made it better was if Aaron was there with us.