Friday, July 8, 2011

Our long and busy 2 weeks

I'm so glad that I can now post from my phone! Hopefully I am able to keep up on my blogging now.

Last week started a LONG and busy 2 weeks for us an thankfully today is the end of that 2 weeks. Getting ready for any trip with a baby is difficult. A trip with just me and the baby was even more difficult but I got us all packed and ready to go before Aaron left.

Aaron went on a team bonding exercise to Oklahoma last Thursday. The guys had a blast, they floated the river and did 'guy things.' While daddy was away for the night, we took the opportunity to have a sleep over with Bailey and Peyton. Drake loves them and they help me so much.

Friday was a blur, we started the day off early and with pancakes! We had to wait for Aaron to get home before we packed everything up in the car and headed out. The trip to Tulsa went extremely well (considering Drake HATES the car). Security was a breeze compared to what I had imagined it to be. People were helpful and we didn't set the metal detector off :) Drake did amazingly well on both flights and the 3 hour layover. Again, not how I imagined it would go. Mom, dad, CJ, and Alex all loved seeing Drake! And I love that he got to see them.

Saturday morning were up and out of the house by 9am. We had ALOT to do and I think we got it all done. First on our list was Roe Ann's but it was closed. So, the zoo became first on our list. The Boise zoo was a slight disappointment. There were no elephants and the giraffes were in their barn. Drake did like feeding the goats. He laughed when they would like his hand. The heat from Arkansas must have followed us to Idaho thought because Saturday was the hottest day they'd seen this year. After the zoo we headed to lunch and to do some shopping. I try to hit the stores that we don't have in Arkansas and some of my favorite stores just to see what items are different. Drake tried a whole lot of new stuff at lunch that day. What would be a trip to Joes Crab Shack without crab? He tried both crab and two types of shrimp. Both of which he liked!

Sunday was more relaxing. We did have to run to walmart but, other than that we lounged around and then took pictures of Drake and Lola. That evening we had family over for Mexican dinner. I love being able to see my family and hate that we live so far away.

Monday. HAPPY 4th OF JULY and its time to go home day!Drake and I liked Idaho and our mini vacation but we were ready to go home. The flights went well and we ended up at home about 1am.

Tuesday, was the naturals game. It was hot! We Didn't stay for the whole game because it was hot and past Drakes bedtime. Aaron and Drake took pictures with Strike and got a first ball game certificate.

If you're still reading this I applause you. And thank you for keeping up with our tiny family.

*disclaimer* All of the pictures are iPhone pictures so they aren't the best. AND I can't figure out how to upload them where I want them

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