Monday, May 9, 2011

My 1st Mothers Day

 Sometimes it's still hard to beleive that I have a baby that calls me mommy (well he will one day).  Aaron and Drake started my morning off w/ cards and the most perfect amazingly perfect mothers ring. 
The picture picture was taken at work with my iphone so it definatly does not do it justice but I needed to show it off anyway

David Adams in Fayetteville is wonderful!  And they have the best mothers rings I have ever seen.  They have the child's name hand stamped on the band and they're stackable for when if we have more children.  Aaron and Drake weren't the only ones thinking about me on my 1st mothers day!  Mom and Dad sent me flowers and John and Susan sent me a card!

Other things to catch up on...
**I have misplaced my camera charger and it's killing me!  I haven't been able to take pictures because my camera is DEAD :(.  I threw around the idea of just buying a new camera (mine has a huge crack down the screen anyway) but I LOVE my camera so I opted to just buy a new charger.  And thankfully it will be Wednesday.  I'm sure that I will be in picture overload once the camera is charged.  I've already missed 2 weeks of Drakers that I wont get back. 
**Drake wants to crawl so bad but just cant get up the courage to get on all fours yet.  We worked on it alot yesterday afternoon and I have a feeling we're going to have a mobile baby very soon.    
Here he is trying to get the balloon that came with my flowers

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