Monday, May 30, 2011

Memoral Day Morning, spent in the ER

Aaron, Drake, & I spent part of our morning in the ER

Saturday morning during our yard sale Drake started getting little red bumps all over his legs, I thought it was a heat rash.  As the day went on, they got more red and started spreading throughout his body.  By Sunday his poor little hand looked all splotchy.

This morning when Drake and I got up we played in bed fora little while before we went out to the living room where I finally noticed that his hand went from splotchy to HORRIBLE.  The little dots were all over his poor little body.  So... I got us both dressed real quick and made our way to NWMC.  The ER staff was really quick and got us in, in about 5 minutes.  The male nurse that did vitals was great with Drake.  He didn't cry at all AND he's up to 15 pounds 11 ounces now. 

We were put in room 9 and waited for Aaron to get there (he was working) and for the Dr to come check out tiny baby out.  Drake was in absolutely no distress.  My goofy son was squealing the whole time.  Dr. Akin was the ER doctor and was very nice.  He checked Drake's spots out and then checked his eye and ears.  Everything looked great other than the spots.  He wasn't very worried and said that it looked like a very bad eczema flare up.  We'll follow up with our pediatrician later this week. 

Other than our quick ER trip, our long weekend was great.  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! 

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