Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our latest adventures as a family of 3

The last several weeks have been very busy for all of us and big weeks for Draker baby. 

We took our first ‘mini vacation’ just the 3 of us last weekend.  Our plan was to spend our day and night in Springfield.  We were going to hit up bass pro, lunch at Lambert's, shopping, and then the zoo.  But unfortunately for us, the weather in Springfield was less than pleasant and ruined our outside plans.  We had fun at bass pro but then ventured on to Branson after checking out Lambert's and being told there was a 2 hour wait.  In the windy, rainy, cold outside with our baby…I think not.  Branson ended up being really fun.  Spending the day with just my favorite boys was great!   

(left: sitting up in a big boy chair at bass pro – middle: family picture while in Branson – right: Aaron & Drake testing out the Nitro’s)   

Drake can officially sit by himself.  He really likes sitting on the floor playing with his toys.  Peyton was over the other night and pulled some of his toys that he got for Christmas out of his toy box.  And thank goodness she did, Aaron and I tend to forget that they’re in there. 

(left: big boys who sit up get to use a big boy bath ring – middle: this was about day 2 of practicing on sitting up – right – sitting up at the dr’s office)

Drake has also learned that he can roll to get where he wants.  Our baby has 100% disliked HATED being on his belly so he never really took to tummy time or learning to roll.  When we were in Branson he rolled all over the bed.  He just kept rolling and rolling.  He’s our little Roley Poley.  Yesterday afternoon, I laid him on his blanket (on his back) in the middle of the living room floor with some toys.  I came back from starting the laundry and he was on his belly with his legs half way under the entertainment center. 

He is growing all too fast for me!        

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