Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grammie and Grandpa fix

Mom and dad flew in this last Friday night.  They were only here for 44 hours but it was a fun filled 44 hours.  We spent our Saturday watching Bailey play softball.  It was her first tournament of the year.  She had 5 games total… talk about exhausting huh?  She did so well and pitched her very first game.   Saturday was also Peyton’s birthday party.  Princess stuff everywhere!  Aaron and I got her TOMS.  And she LOVED them (like there was any doubt). 

In September, Aaron, Drake, & I are going to Idaho for a week.  The boys will be hunting (with a bow) and well who knows what the girls will be doing.  Aaron has never archery hunted before so for his birthday Drake and I ordered him a bow.  When it got here, Aaron opened it and looked at it but because he knows nothing about bows he waited until dad got here this weekend to pull it out again.  As soon as dad saw it, he was like “dude, that’s a youth bow” so after much research, we found that it was in fact a youth bow.  Sunday morning we went to academy sports to get Aaron a big boy bow and because Aaron had to work all weekend, we met him at Colton’s for lunch before finishing our shopping errands. 

Mom and dad had to be back at the airport at 7pm on Sunday so Aaron took off a hour early and went with us.  There was no way I could take Drake that far and be by myself on the way back.  He HATES the car and without someone sitting with him it’s quite unbearable.  But before we left for the airport Grandpa set Drake's swing up in the front yard and he got his swing on.

It was a fun weekend.  Drake got to spend time with his grandpa and grammie and they got to see how much Drake has changed.  The only downfall to our great weekend was it went by too quick.    

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