Monday, October 4, 2010

Life with our new baby

Life with a baby is not what I expected...its so much more!

Drake is an amazing baby!  Aaron and I love him more and more everyday.  We can just sit and stare at him with HUGE smiles on our face.  He makes our lives complete.  It's just the three of us and we love our little family.   

Drake is 2 1/2 weeks old today and time is flying by!
When people say that kids grow up too fast and that time flies by... they aren't kidding! 

Aaron and I are definetely learning as we go.  Having a new baby is tough stuff... although I think we are doing pretty well.  We've learned not to let to much cool air get to him during diaper changes or you WILL get pee'd on.  We've also learned that it helps to actually pack diapers in the diaper bag when you go out... we only had one mishap where I forgot them.  And in my defense the reason they weren't in there was because we were waiting to see how big he was going to be before I packed them... and I forgot to get some before we left the house.  Thank goodness the DR's office had extras.   

Lucky for us, Aaron was able to take the first three weeks after Drake was born off.  He has been at home with us everyday and does as much for Drake as I do.  He is a great daddy!  He goes back to work this coming Saturday and Drake and I will miss him being here all day.  My sleep schedule may miss him too!  Right now Aaron does half of the night feedings and I do the other half.  It works out really well for us BUT that is all about to change.  Mommy gets to do all of the feedings when daddy goes back to work...wish me luck.  I really <3 my sleep!  But we all know our little baby Drake is worth it.  Drake has pretty much set his own schedule and it doesn't change TOO much from day to day. 

He is growing so fast though... he is leaking out of his newborn diapers so I think its time to go up a size.  Even though he is still too small to fit into most of his newborn clothes still.  He is now drinking 3-4 ounces of formula at night instead of the 2 ounces he drinks during the day.  He does really well with different pepole and going out and about with mommy and daddy.  He's already been out to eat, to his aunt and uncles house, and shopping.  His next big outing will be to silver dollar city with his cousins Bailey, Peyton, Micayla, & Dillon... he may not be able to ride rides yet but we'll still have fun. 

Things that have changed since Drake came home:
  • I sleep alot less (duh)...who knew that I could run on such little sleep when I'm used to going to bed at 8pm and sleeping until 7am
  • I sleep alot lighter... I wake up to EVERY little sound that he makes and I check on him 100x's a night
  • My house is picked up, and my laundry and dishes are done... it's alot easier to keep up on when you don't have to work all day
  • I don't smell poop and want to puke anymore... that's the last thing on my mind when I'm trying to not get pee'd on
  • It takes me over an hour to get ready to go anywhere... I used to get ready for work and out the door in less than 30 minutes.  Not anymore!


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